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I have used Wessex Searches for a number of years, both at my current firm and at previous firms. Their customer service is excellent! They have a good friendly team who are on the ball and knowledgeable. They are keen to assist with any issues that may arise from search results and come highly recommended!

Matthew Pitt Wards Solicitors

Latest news

Landmark Flooding webinar 11th March


We are pleased to share that Landmark Information will be presenting the second webinar of their series with us on Thursday 11th March from 1-1.30pm. This webinar will be looking into the subject of flooding.

Groundsure Apogee Utility search

We are pleased to share that on 1st March 2021 Groundsure will be introducing the new Groundsure Apogee Utility search.

Landmark Planning webinar 25feb

We are pleased to share that Landmark Information will be presenting a webinar on our behalf on Thursday 25th February from 11-11.30am.

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  • Dev Assist products pricing update

    From 1st March 2021, the pricing of the Dev Assist products will be increasing. This change comes following a pricing review by Dev Assist.
  • Landmark Planning

    We would like to let you know that from 29th January 2021, Landmark’s Plansearch Plus will be relaunched as the new Landmark Planning report.
  • Groundsure Siteguard update

    From 14th December, the Groundsure Siteguard search will be relaunched to include the following new features.
Latest news