Terrafirma autumn product updates

Terrafirma Autumn Product Updates 

Terrafirma have recently announced that they will be implementing some exciting new updates to their CON29M and Ground reports on 18th October 2021. 

We have listed below a summary of the changes: 

  • Terrafirma's CON29M report will be the first in the industry to provide an expert assessment and advice for non-coal mining hazards, within Coal Authority data 
  • Improved natural ground perils assessment within the Ground report 
  • Redesigned front pages which will enable the reader to review the results 'at a glance' 
  • New branding across all Terrafirma reports 
  • Improved reporting and specific recommendations for new builds and plots 
  • Addition of a Terrafirma 'Quality Assurance Stamp' which represents the expertise within each report. 

Account Manager Seb Colcutt will be explaining these updates in our upcoming webinar on 27th October.  

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