Landmark product updates

Landmark products update

Landmark Information provide quality environmental searches for both residential and commercial transactions. They have recently been simplifying their portfolio, making it easier for you to know which report to order. One of the recent changes was decommissioning the Risk View Commercial and Sitecheck Flood products. They now advise customers to order the Argyll Site Solutions Combined and Flood Solutions Commercial as alternatives.

Following these changes, we are writing to inform you of some pricing updates that will be taking place from 1st October 2020.

Price updates:

  • Landmark Utilities reports will be increasing by £30*
  • Landmark Sitecheck Combined will be increasing by £24 
  • Landmark Sitecheck Planning will be increasing by £12 
  • Landmark SiteSolutions Highways will be increasing by £12 

*All price updates above are including VAT.

If you would like to find out more about the range of Landmark products we offer, you can get in touch with us at on 01225 526206 or view the product pages here.