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Join us on the Tuesday 6th October, at 2.30pm, with Geologist Tim Longden to find out how Terrafirma create their market-leading Ground Report.

In this 45-minute session, Geologist Tim Longden will provide an overview of man-made and natural ground hazards, with case studies to illustrate the risk. Together, we will explore what's included in the Terrafirma Ground report and take a detailed look at their new Coastal Hazards update. 

Did you know that in the Wessex area:

  • 2,000 properties at risk from coastal retreat over the next 100 years if there is No Active Intervention at all.
  • There are 900 properties at risk from coastal retreat over the next 50 years if there is No Active Intervention at all. 
  • 2 properties are at risk from coastal retreat over the next 20 years, assuming the current Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) are implemented during this period.  If these current (20 year) SMPs were abandoned tomorrow, 200 properties would be at risk.

*These are all a lower confidence worst-case scenario.

Terrafirma is a leader in the provision of ground risk assessment and GeoData. Their team of Geologists, Engineers and Data Scientists translate complex ground hazards into clear, accurate, and reliable advice through our market-leading reports, expert opinion and risk models. Terrafirma are passionate about improving the understanding of the ground and the complex ways it interacts with the built environment, offering a comprehensive suite of conveyancing solutions to ensure the client is fully equipped to make informed decisions. From historical mining, to the impact of radon exposure and the risks of natural ground movement, Terrafirma can not only provide insight to data but the professional opinion required to inform and action where necessary and provide professional advice for legal and property due diligence.

Tim Longden joined Terrafirma while completing his Master's degree in Geology at the University of Bristol. As Head of Operations and now occupying the role of Account Manager, Tim strives to create and maintain excellent client relationships, while also continuing to raise awareness surrounding both natural and man-made ground hazards to help change the way we perceive and act upon environmental and ground risks. 

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If you want to find out more about the Terrafirma Ground report, please see here, otherwise call us today. Alternatively, if you would like further training for you and your team on the Ground report or any other reports available please contact us on 01225 526 206 or email us at events@wessexsearches.co.uk