1st April Price Increases

We have been informed by several suppliers that they will be implementing price increases from 1st April 2022.

Please see below the effected products:

  • Safemove CON29DW Residential
  • Geodesys CON29DW Residential
  • Geodesys Commercial
  • Geodesys Commercial Plus
  • Severn Trent CON29DW Residential
  • Severn Trent Commercial

Please note that we are in the process of speaking with other suppliers to determine the full extent of price increases and therefore there may be further products which have not been captured above.

If you would like to receive an updated price list, please contact your Account Manager. 


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If you have any questions to do with this update or any other matter, you can reach us at contactus@wessexsearches.co.uk or on 01225 526206.