Terrafirma CON29M

Terrafirma CON29M

Why choose Terrafirma CON29M?

Set up in 2000 by the Coal Authority, CON29M mining reports provide information on past, present and future underground and surface coal mining activity for any individual property or site in Britain. The Law Society have created a legal form to report on coal mining information for conveyancing which is known as the CON29M. This is requested by a solicitor in behalf of their client as part of the conveyancing enquiries pack when a property or land is purchased within a Coal reporting area. Previously only supplied by the Coal Authority, the CON29M report is now licensed by the Law Society to commercial companies if they can demonstrate the ability and quality required by the Law Society.

The Terrafirma CON29M is a best of breed coal mining report that uniquely combines all Coal Authority data, Terrafirma’s expert knowledge of geohazards and advice from a panel of recognised industry professionals, to assess the risk to land and property in coal mining areas. Terrafirma CON29M report, includes all licensed Coal Authority data, a built-in loss of value insurance policy and comprehensively answers the official CON29M questions, satisfying all new Law Society CON29M (2018) guidance and Lender compliance. A professional opinion is provided within each report protected by £10 million Professional Indemnity, available to all parties within a property transaction and ensuring the clients are better protected from incorrect or missing information.

Who does Terrafirma CON29M help?

Terrafirma CON29M is suitable for the following:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Existing properties
  • Development sites
  • Nationwide
  • Buyers
  • Lenders
  • Vendors

Terrafirma CON29M is not suitable for the following:

  • Specific areas
  • Tenants

How does Terrafirma CON29M work?

The Terrafirma CON29M Report provides expert interpreted answers to all 11 questions (14 for commercial properties) using all Coal Authority licensed data and meets all the requirements as stipulated by the new Law Society CON29M (2018) guidance. It translates the risk of coal mining activity into a clear professional opinion while providing enhanced liability protection and utilising improved data analysis to provide higher pass rates.

What does Terrafirma CON29M reveal?

The Terrafirma CON29M report quantifies the susceptibility of a Site to coal mining-related ground instability.


We aim to deliver the majority of CON29M reports within 24 hours, normally within a few hours. However, complex sites or those requiring additional expert risk assessment may take up to 5 working days.