Why order a CON29DWDrainage and Water Enquiry?

Launched by the Law Society, the CON29DW is an essential part of the residential conveyancing process. It plays a critical role in helping to ensure that any drainage and water matters that may impact the buyer are identified and reduces the risk of any future liabilities. 

Who does the CON29DWDrainage and Water Enquiry help?

Residential Yes Commercial No
Existing properties Yes Development sites Yes
Nationwide Yes Specific areas No
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Yes Tenants No

How does the CON29DWDrainage and Water Enquiry work?

The CON29DW compromises a total of 25 questions in four sections:

  • Maps
  • Drainage
  • Water
  • Charging

The report is processed and analysed by our in-house team, combining information from various departments throughout the water company. Each CON29DW produced by Wessex Searches is covered by £10 million indemnity.


What does the CON29DWDrainage and Water reveal?

The 25 questions within the CON29DW identifies potential risks which could impact on the value, title and maintenance costs of the property.

The report presents sewer and water maps highlighting public assets, connection details for both drainage and water, build-over consents, internal flooding risks, poor water pressure issues, adoption agreements and additional information.

The CON29DW also reveals any drainage and water constraints that could restrict or impact the freedom to extend or alter a property.


We aim to return the drainage and water report within 2 working days, however this may vary for other water companies. In some cases, this may take longer as some properties may require site visits for further investigations. 

Prices: please contact us for price information.