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Wessex Searches Christmas opening 2018

Wessex Searches working hours over the festive season.

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Product Launch: Terrafirma CON29M

Terrafirma have been licensed by the Law Society as a report producer for the CON29M

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RiskView report

The all-in-one RiskView report assesses 12 key environmental risks with manual expert reviews for more first time passes.

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Cheshire brine subsidence

Properties in Cheshire are at risk of subsidence due to brine pumping, even properties far away from salt works and mines can have significant subsidence.

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New product launch: Enviro All-in-One

After the release of their enhanced environmental report Homebuyers Plus in February 2018, Groundsure have now launched a new and improved search, the Enviro All-in-One.

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Groundsure Homebuyers Plus

Groundsure have released their new residential environmental risk report, Homebuyers Plus,

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Which Terrafirma Searches does your client need?

At Wessex Searches, we want the process of ordering property searches to be as quick and easy as possible.

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Wessex Searches are now offering Terrafirma products

At Wessex Searches, we're now offering Terrafirma products, which specialise in ground and mining risks.

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Seminar: Managing risks in property transactions

On Thursday 5 October, we'll be holding a seminar at Exeter racecourse in conjunction with Devon and Somerset Law Society, which will focus on managing risks in property transactions.

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Terms and conditions update

Please be aware that all of our Terms and Conditions have been reviewed and updated. The new Terms and Conditions will be implemented from Monday October 2nd 2017.

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Landmark’s newly enhanced Mining and Subsidence Report

Landmark have revamped their Homecheck Ground Stability report

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The Solicitors Group LAW2017 – Plymouth

Wessex Searches will be exhibiting and presenting at Law2017 Plymouth, a legal exhibition and training conference organised by The Solicitors Group.

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Groundsure - new product launch

Groundsure has released a new environmental search report, Avista. Learn more today.

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The Solicitors Group LAW2017 – Bristol

Wessex Searches will be exhibiting and presenting at Law2017 Bristol, a legal exhibition and training conference organised by The Solicitors Group.

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The Solicitors Group LAW2017 – Southampton

Wessex Searches will be exhibiting and presenting at Law2017 Southampton, a legal exhibition and training conference organised by The Solicitors Group.

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New water quality search feature

Wessex Searches now has a water quality zone search on the website that can provide you details on the water quality and hardness in your area.

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Wessex Searches, Bristol Law Society, and Land Registry Seminar

Wessex Searches recently held two seminars in conjunction with Bristol Law Society and Land Registry

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CommercialDW – Report changes April 2017

Preparing for retail market opening in the water industry: Impacts for the Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiry

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Valentines promotion winner

Congratulations to Clare Hallett from Coles Miller Solicitors, the winner of our Valentine's promotion!

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CON29 Update: VAT added from 1st January 2017

HMRC have announced that CON29 searches provided by local authorities will include VAT from 1st January 2017.

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The true cost of searches

At some point in our lives, most of us will make the decision to invest our hard earned money into a property. Upon completion we obtain a home and along with it a sense of pride, but are any of us prepared for the complications and stress that can occur during the house purchase process?

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Wessex Searches... an outstanding company

Wessex Searches has been awarded an 'outstanding' status in the Times Top 100 UK Companies listings.

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The future is bright

For the past few months, we have been working hard at designing a new system which shall facilitate the ordering process for all searches

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Official Versus Personal Drainage and Water Searches – Are you aware of the risks?

A CON29DW Drainage and Water Enquiry is a comprehensive review of the water and sewerage services affecting a property.

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A decade of working together

April 2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the Law Society’s CON29 Drainage and Water Enquiry.

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