Which Terrafirma Searches does your client need? 

At Wessex Searches, we want the process of ordering property searches to be as quick and easy as possible. It can sometimes be confusing which report is required for your client's property and can depend on the location of that specific property.

We have now updated our systems to include search alerts for Terrafirma, who produce mining reports that assess, assure and interpret over 60 mining hazards. These include coal, metals, clay, sandstone, chalk, limestone, fracking, brine and many more.

Once you locate the property you wish to search against on our system, search alerts will appear on the product page highlighting the relevant Terrafirma product for that property; either the TerraSearch Assure, TerraSearch Coal or TerraSearch Assess.

Find out more about Terrafirma products or if you want to discuss our search alerts, please contact us today.