Wessex Searches, Bristol Law Society, and Land Registry Seminar 

Wessex Searches recently held two seminars in conjunction with Bristol Law Society and Land Registry. Held in our offices in Bath on 1 February, our first seminar provided the perfect opportunity for delegates to learn more about Wessex Searches. Delegates also had the opportunity to tour the Wessex Water Operations Centre. Searches Bristol seminar

The second seminar was held in Bristol Law Society's new offices - a perfect location for many of our clients, as it is located in the centre of Bristol. The seminars consisted of the three presentations from Wessex Searches, Wessex Water and the Land Registry. 

Searches Bristol seminar 2 Julian Okoye, Director of Wessex Searches provided a refresh on the CON29DW and the Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiry to enhance the understanding and interpretation of the Enquiry. He also discussed the risks addressed by the report by looking at case studies to provide examples of where things have gone wrong. Finally, he reviewed the current and imminent changes to the drainage and water report.

'I find that case studies are what catches everyone's attention. They illustrate the importance of purchasing an Official Drainage and Water Enquiry and provide real life examples of where legal professionals and their clients have or could have mitigated their risk in their property transaction.' - Julian Okoye, Wessex Searches

Wessex Water's presentation focused on Build Over Agreements, and was presented by Christopher Harrop, sewer protection team leader at the Bath seminar and Mike Gale, a development engineer at the Bristol seminar. They provided usual information on historical sewer build overs with case studies and a brief history on drainage law. They also examined circumstances where a Drainage and Water Enquiry may show a building over a public sewer, but states there is no build over agreement in place and how this may be justifiable. Lastly, they discussed how future development prospects might affect an existing sewer pipe. Searches Bristol seminar 3

At the Bath seminar, Jamie Winch, local land charges policy and stakeholder engagement manager presented, while, Andrew Robertson, head of customer policy and handling alongside Morag Phillips, an operational caseworker presented at the Bristol seminar. They provided an update on how the Land Registry will deliver a single Local Land Charges register for England by consolidating 326 English local authority registers into a single digital reader. They then discussed how to make the most of their business e-services to bring efficiencies to a business. The final topic was on requisitions and how to avoid them. They provided practical advice on how to avoid delays to applications Searches Bristol seminar 4 caused by requisitions, as 44.2% are avoidable.

Finally, thank you to Bristol Law Society who helped organise the event, and to all who came to the seminars. If you wish for us to organise a CPD event specifically for you and your team, please contact us.

'Thanks for your efforts in putting together the training session yesterday.It will be interesting to follow the Land Registry developments. The biscuits were an added bonus of course…as was the guided tour and so special thanks to those responsible.' -Stephanie Howarth, Stone King.

'Great seminar, really informative and more importantly the upbeat approach by the speakers of Wessex Water kept me interested unlike so many seminars where you feel yourself drifting off.' - Lisa Butcher, Forrester Sylvester Mackett

Megan Dickerson, sales and marketing coordinator, megan.dickerson@wessexwater.co.uk