The future is bright 

We have great news and it's time to share our excitement with the world - we are evolving!

For the past few months, we have been working hard at designing a new system to facilitate the ordering process for all searches. Our aim is to make the search ordering process as comprehensive and informative as possible, providing upfront clarity of costs and options of reports available. This will improve our service to you, our valued customers, and will improve communication with our suppliers, therefore decreasing the requirement for multiple and time-consuming queries, and providing swifter turnaround.

Our previous system was implemented almost 8 years ago and desperately needed a complete overhaul. The increase in demand for a wider range of products has highlighted how quickly the conveyancing market has changed, in part due to changes in legislation but also due to innovation in the production of important conveyancing reports. We are grateful to have become preferred providers of this range of searches for our valued customers.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal and wonderful website users who have been using our ordering site on a daily basis. We hope you will enjoy using a more powerful and much improved system!

An exciting feature that we have implemented is that we can provide you with an accurate quote on a draft order which you can save in your account, allowing you to submit it as a request once you're ready. Also, each Local Authority Search is priced upfront, as are the commercial environmental searches - all with an expected return date listed against all of the products that you have selected.

All of the comments that we have received in the past have been taken into consideration, so our design specifications has you in mind. However, should you like to send us a comment yourself, an opinion or a request for a specific function, please contact the Searches team at