RiskView report 

The all-in-one RiskView report assesses 12 key environmental risks with manual expert reviews for more first time passes. 

RiskView Residential is a cost-effective way to meet your compliance needs as well as fulfilling client due diligence requirement, allowing you to confidently offer a fixed-fee search pack to every client, every time. 

RiskView 1

Contaminated Land Risk
If the property or surrounding area is at risk of being identified by the Local Authority as Contaminated Land


RiskView 2

Energy & Infrastructure
If there are any energy & infrastructure projects at or close to the property, such as wind & solar farms, HS2 and Crossrai


RiskView 3

Flood Risk

The risk of flooding at and around the property from surface, river, coastal, ground water - defences and Historic Flood Events

RiskView 4

Ground Hazards

Natural and mining ground instability issues and an indication of whether the property is in a radon affected area

The online viewing platform makes it easily accessible with an interactive map, allowing them to navigate around the property and understand any environmental risks and planning information at their leisure. 

For more information, download a sample report and product card or alternatively contact our team today to order your RiskView Residential.