Groundsure Homebuyers Plus 

Groundsure have released their new residential environmental risk report,  Groundsure logo Homebuyers Plus, which is available to order on our platform. The report reviews contaminated land, flood, radon and ground stability. It also screens energy, transportation and planning.

Homebuyers Plus is an enhanced version of the existing Homebuyers report, with several new features. These additions include new 5m groundwater data and enhancements on potential and planned energy installations, transportation summary, screening on planning applications and visual and cultural designations.

Groundsure have improved the accuracy by basing the environmental report on Land Registry polygons instead of being points based. They have also reduced the number of pages in the report, only including the information you need. The design and layout of the report is to improve the conveyancer workflow.

If you have any queries or wish to discuss the Homebuyers Plus report, contact our team today.