Why choose Agricultural?

Developed in conjunction with Property Lawyers and PSLs from leading law firms across the UK, the Groundsure Agricultural report provides a Law Society compliant contaminated land assessment that’s interpreted by Groundsure experts reviewing key environmental risks associated with purchasing farms and agricultural land.

Who does Agricultural help?

Residential Yes Commercial Yes
Existing properties Yes Development sites Yes
Nationwide Yes Specific areas Yes
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Yes Tenants No

How does the Agricultural work?

Potential agricultural land buyers need a clear understanding of any environmental risks including contaminated land, full flood risk assessment, ground stability, energy, planning applications and constraints and resulting liabilities, which may affect their purchases. The Groundsure Agricultural gives an essential insight for farming sites and includes topography data, land use classifications and stewardship schemes. A manual review of Groundsure’s unique historical data which has specific land use records dating back to the 1840s is provided.

All data is reviewed by specialists within Groundsure’s consultancy team who provide an opinion and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the findings within the Screening report. Environmental insurance is available if required.

What does a Agricultural search reveal?

It reveals:

  • In-depth contaminated land database dating back to 1840s including 27,000+ land use classifications
  • Manual review of high detail historical Ordnance Survey mapping
  • Specific agricultural uses at a farm including a crop map of England.
  • Full flood risk assessment covering river, coastal, surface water and groundwater compliant with Law Society guidance
  • Energy information that includes current and proposed oil and gas exploration areas and wells, wind farms, solar farms, power stations and large energy infrastructure
  • Coal mining screening as well as natural and non-natural subsidence risks
  • Enhanced guidance on Section B8 of the Law Society Conveyancing Handbook (25th edition.) covering
    • Environmental stewardship schemes
    • Agricultural land classification
    • Timber felling licenses
    • Open access land
    • Waste exemptions
    • Current and historical rights of way assessment
    • Abstraction licences
    • Discharge consents
    • Environmental designations


The report is available within 4 working days.