Landmark Sitecheck Assess

Why choose Sitecheck Assess?

Sitecheck Assess provides an overall risk of contaminated land. It meets the requirements of the Law Society Warning Card relating to Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Who does Sitecheck Assess Help?

Residential Yes Commercial Yes
Existing properties Yes Development sites No
Nationwide Yes Specific areas No
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Potentially Tenants Potentially

How does Sitecheck Assess work?

Sitecheck Assess provides a comprehensive review of the sources of potential contamination in terms of historical land use, environmental data and current land uses where known.

The report provides a passed or further action certificate depending on whether any issues are identified. Next steps are provided if further action is recommended.

What does Sitecheck Assess reveal?

It reveals the risk of the property being investigated or determined as contaminated land under Part 2A of the EPA 1990.


This report is available in one to two days (two days if referred to Landmark’s environmental consultants for further review).

Further information

Product card available on request.