Landmark RiskView Commercial

Why choose Riskview Commercial?

RiskView Commercial provides an all-in-one environmental report covering Contaminated Land, Flood, Ground Hazards and Energy & Infrastructure. Expert opinion and next steps guidance is backed up by full findings available online via a unique interactive viewer. Meeting the requirements of the Law Society Contaminated Land and Flood Practice Notes.

Who does RiskView Commercial help?

Residential No Commercial Yes
Existing properties Yes Development sites Yes*
Nationwide Yes Specific areas Yes
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Yes Tenants Yes

*The report may be used for redevelopment sites, however, for such transactions – especially complex cases –we recommend Site Solutions Combined, which includes a complete manual review

How does RiskView Commercial work?

The report provides

  • summary paragraphs on the front page that highlight if there are any risks identified
  • an assessment of the four environmental risks types providing complete due diligence within the following pages of the report
  • access to our expert environmental consultants at Argyll Environmental for any follow-up work specified in the recommendations.

What does RiskView Commercial reveal?

  • if the property is at risk of being identified by the Local Authority as contaminated land (Under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990)
  • the risk of flooding at and around the property from rivers, sea, surface or ground water.
  • analyses historical flood events, nearby watercourses and the site’s elevation in relation to these features
  • if there are any energy & infrastructure projects at or close to the property, such as HS2, Crossrail, wind & solar farms, and fracking
  • natural and mining ground instability issues and an indication of whether the property is in a radon affected area
  • includes Landmark Information Group’s unique risk assessed land register data, which continues to capture details of properties deemed as unlikely to be designated as contaminated land.


This report is available in one working day.