Offering groundbreaking energy intelligence, this report provides purchasers with accurate and easy-to-read information detailing all aspects of energy matters.

This UK-wide report offers the highest level of detail with no further costs and is the only commercially available one which details future site-specific developments using datasets exclusive to Groundsure.

The report includes information on:

  • existing and planned hydrocarbon exploration and extraction sites, searched to 25km
  • existing and planned licensing blocks (areas which could be licensed for exploration), searched to 25km
  • existing and planned wind farms, searched to 15km
  • existing and planned power stations and large scale energy infrastructure, searched up to 25km
  • existing, planned and decommissioned nuclear power stations and infrastructure, searched up to 25km
  • planned single wind turbine application, searched to 5km
  • existing and planned solar farms with a generating capacity greater than 1MW.

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Information on future shale, gas, oil and coalbed methane developments are updated weekly.

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