By early 2026 High Speed 2 (HS2) could be running 14 trains an hour in each direction at up to 225mph between London and Birmingham.

The disruption and potential liability caused through the construction contract, including compulsory purchase of property along the route, could present significant risks to property purchases in the area.

Initial plans for phase 2 of the line detail a proposed route from Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester by 2032.

Crossrail is Europe’s largest infrastructure report comprising over 100km of new railway including 21km of new twin-bore rail tunnels and 10 new stations.

The line will stretch from Reading to Heathrow in the west, across Sheffield and Abbey Wood in the east. It will provide a 10% increase to London’s rail capacity when opened in 2018.

London skyscape

Groundsure’s report:

  • identifies whether a property is near the proposed route of phases one and two of HS2 within a 5,000m radius
  • identifies and grades the maximum speed of the train at the nearest point to the property
  • measures distance to nearest overland and below ground line location
  • includes details on property compensation schemes for HS2 and Crossrail
  • incorporates overall proposed construction timetables
  • identifies all Crossrail stations within a 5,000m radius
  • provides information on construction sites and all worksites within a 1,000m radius.

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