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The Commercial Drainage and Water search provides underwritten and guaranteed information alerting purchasers to unnecessary risks, giving them and their advisors security, peace of mind and a clear trail of responsibility back to the water companies. 

Three tiers offer a search based on type, size of development, property or land being searched.  There is also the option to choose a search with increased liability.

Please note, that Land searches do not provide any connection details. Should you require connection details please provide us with the address of the building/s that you would like searched.


This Basic Search is available for:

  • small businesses
  • plots of land measuring up to 100m²
  • residential property for commercial development.

With liability up to £500,000 this search can include details for one connection, but does not include information regarding trade effluent.


The Standard Commercial Search is suitable for small to medium sized commercial premises and plots of land up to one hectare.

With liability up to £2m, this search can provide details for up to two connections and includes information regarding trade effluent.  


Commercial Search Extra is suitable for:

  • premises of high value
  • premises with multiple connections
  • areas of land over a hectare.

With liability up to £5m, it can include details for up to four connections located within a search field and includes information regarding trade effluent.  

Prices: please contact us for price information.