Argyll Site Solutions Combined

Why choose Site Solutions Combined?

Site Solutions Combined provides a comprehensive manual analysis of the potential risks to a site from contaminated land and flooding. The report is suitable for sites to be redeveloped or where a change of use is proposed.

One of Argyll’s in-house environmental consultants reviews and writes every report.

Who does Site Solutions Combined help?

Residential Yes Commercial Yes
Existing properties Yes Development sites Yes
Nationwide Yes Specific areas Yes
Buyers Yes Lenders Yes
Vendors Yes Tenants Yes

How does Site Solutions Combined work?

The report provides summary paragraphs on the front page that highlights if there are any risks identified. A more detailed analysis is provided on the following pages for both contaminated land and flood risk.

For contaminated land, one of Argyll’s in-house environmental consultants reviews and writes every report. Each assessment incudes a high detailed historical map review.

A risk rating is provided for the overall flood risk at the site when any flood defences are operational but also the risk of flooding at the site if the defences failed or were over-topped.

The report will also indicate if the level of flood risk at the site is likely to result in higher insurance premiums. Flood risk gauges show what the individual risks are from the main sources of flooding – river, coastal, surface water, groundwater and other factors (proximity of water features, the location of historical flood events, and an analysis of the elevation of the site compared to these features). There is a written explanation of any flood risks at the site, manually written by one of Argyll’s in-house environmental consultants.

If elevated risks from either contaminated land or flood risk are identified, detailed recommendations are provided and will take in to account whether or not the site is proposed to be redeveloped or not.

Details of the information that has been analysed is provided on maps and in data tables.

What does Site Solutions Combined reveal?

It reveals the risk of liabilities at the site funder [is this the correct word?] Part 2A of the EPA 1990 and equivalent requirements under the planning regime, the Water Resources Act 1991.

The report also reveals the risk of flooding from river, coastal, surface water, ground water and other types of flooding at the property concerned.


This report is available in two working days.