Are you going all-inclusive this summer with your conveyancing searches?  

Throughout June, we are offering 20% off Landmark's all-in-one residential and commercial environmental reports when ordered in a bundle! 

These products include: 

  • RiskView Residential 
  • RiskView Commercial 
  • SiteSolutions Combined 

Why should you go all-inclusive? 

The all-in-one report covers you and your clients for all potential environmental risks that may affect their property or site. It will save you time and money as a fixed-fee search pack, you don't need to go back to your client to order additional reports.  

RiskView Residential/Commercial is an all-in-one report providing desktop assessments of contaminated land, flood, ground hazards, and energy and infrastructure. Each RiskView report comes with its own unique web viewers, allowing the property purchaser to investigate the surrounding area.  

There is also an expert opinion with next step guidance making it easier to manage workloads and highlight risks. For further information on Landmark's RiskView Residential, visit the product page here . For RiskView Commercial, visit the product page here. 

SiteSolutions Combined is a premium search for commercial properties combining detailed assessment for contaminated land and flood by an environmental consultant. The report is especially suitable for sites that are being redeveloped or change of use is proposed. For further information on SiteSolutions Combined, visit the product page here.   

How to set up your bundle 

Just simply email or call us on 01225 526206 and ask to set up a summer promo bundle and we will sort the rest!