Are you going all-inclusive this summer with your conveyancing searches?  

Following on from our June promotion, throughout July we are offering 20% off Terrafirma's all-in-one residential and commercial Ground Report when ordered in a bundle. 

Why should you go all-inclusive? 

Going all-inclusive ensures complete due diligence for yourself and your clients. By guaranteeing that all risks have been assessed, it will give your client peace of mind and no surprises.  

The Terrafirma Ground Report provides vital information on ground risks and their liabilities. It also includes an expert professional opinion, risk assessment and risk transfer on all potential ground risks. All provided in one comprehensive report.  

You will receive the following in your Ground Report:  

  • An official CON29M as licensed by the Law Society. 
  • All other mining searches (e.g. tin, metalliferous, limestone, chalk, gypsum, clay, brine, Bath Stone). 
  • Evidence of ground movement analysis, using innovative satellite technologies. 
  • All known Natural Ground Perils, including slope stability, running sands, sinkholes and erosion. 
  • Mineral planning and future mining or extraction activities and oil and gas (including fracking) activities.
  • Risk of radon exposure. 
  • Expert professional opinion on natural clay-related subsidence. 
  • All potential physical, financial and legal liabilities associated with past mining activity. 
  • £10 million Professional Indemnity Policy on each report. 

To download a residential Ground Report sample or product card, visit the product page here . For the commercial Ground Report, visit the product page here.  

How to set up your bundle 

Just simply email or call us on 01225 526206 and ask to set up a summer promo bundle and we will sort the rest!